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Mystic Prince

M. A. Richter

June 2021 978-1-7371898-0-0

An exciting new award-winning epic fantasy adventure novel!

Prince Khael Stratton returns from a mission for the King to find the small northern state he rules in a condition of unrest. Now he must regain his signet ring from the lovely young street urchin who stole it and return home to restore peace and justice to his homeland before destruction ensues.


In the process and along with Khael's best friend, the three travelers learn more about each other and themselves, find friendship and powerful alliances, face challenging adversaries and monsters, and learn to work together even at high risk of life and limb.


M. A. Richter - Firebird Book Award Winner - Best Epic and Best New Fiction First-Published Awards!


Chapter 1: Cambridge

"True enlightenment arises from self-mastery; thus, kinshuh (temperance) is the primary discipline of the Saiensu." ~ Foundations of the Mystic Order

   Khael squinted impatiently toward the head of the motionless gate queue. His hopes for some relief after his strenuous journey so far, perhaps an extended break from the string of assassination attempts, dimmed. In all his travels, only once before had he needed to wait to enter Cambridge.

   Molniya, his gnu-horse hybrid steed, shifted under him, hoofing his own vexation on the stone roadway.

   Khael reflected that the guards at the gate needed nothing more than to inspect incoming travelers visually for signs of suspicious activity. They might converse with familiar travelers, but the process should be simple and reasonably quick. Suspects could be escorted behind the guard shack for more detailed searches.

   Unable to see any obvious cause for the delay, Khael closed his eyes to scan the life energies in the area. No danger showed amongst the travelers on the road. He shifted his focus to the front of the queue. One of the City Patrol rangers at the gate blatantly groped a peasant woman, right beside her husband, while another ranger held out his hand for—a bribe?

   Outraged, Khael stiffened out of his relaxed bearing. Had those guards no sense of decency? These people might be commoners, but even peasants deserved more respectful treatment. He prodded Molniya's flanks with his heels. The great gongyangma snorted as he walked around Grant on his gongyangma, Phantom, to pass the line of merchants, tradesmen and herders.

   "We're jumping the queue?" Heidi's strawberry blonde head poked up from the other side of Phantom.

   Khael looked at her. At his change in posture, Molniya stopped beside their two friends. Next to Molniya and Phantom, Heidi's charger resembled a large pony.

   Khael strained to keep his fury quiet. "The Patrols extort fees from these travelers and grope the women going in."

   "They never learn." Grant's cavernous bass rumble carried only a short distance.


I love the story and can't wait for a sequel: I had originally planned to read just a chapter at a time, but I couldn't put Mystic Prince down. The author drew me into the story, as the characters became more complex and their journey more interesting. The story combines unique mystical abilities and imagery along a road of discovery as the characters build on their friendship and share some fun and dangerous adventures. There are surprises and plot twists along the way, and the ending begs for a sequel. You won't be disappointed. - Kathleen, on Amazon, *****

Don't let the cover art fool you.

Thievery and beauty, humor and peril, love and betrayal, cutting through the fog of illusion...The Mystic Prince is an engaging quest-adventure with unique and likeable characters in a futuristic setting that feels oddly familiar in a dreamscape kind of way. The prince and his inner arsenal are intriguing and magnetic and kept me turning the page to see what would happen next. Looking forward to the sequel!

Leanne Lieu's Mystic Prince Online Review

Engaging read: I enjoyed this book. The characters are well drawn and and believable. It was fun to read and a lovely escape. - Stephanie Harnack, on Amazon *****

5.0 out of 5 stars Games of Thrones meets the Star Wars Cantina....Loved IT!!

Not as dark as GOT with more heroes and great imaginative but believable world building and storyline. Harkens back to Camelot mythology but with cooler, more current dialogue and attitudes including female knight warriors . Pick it up! - Mustafa and Jennifer Nasheed